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Up Coming Litters

If you would like to be placed on our waiting list for one of our adorable Cockapoo puppies please visit our Waiting List page for our procedures.

Please be sure you are ready for the responsibility of a new puppy which is just like a infant baby.When you purchase a puppy you are making a life time commitment for your family of loving and taking care of a precious puppy that is just like a infant baby. Cockapoos have a long life span and the average is 14-18 years or longer.

We raise adorable cockapoo puppies. We have healthy, happy, smart and well socialized puppies. Our puppies are raised in our home where they get the best possible care and we work closely with our vet to insure that all puppies are in excellent health to the best of our knowledge.

Cockapoos are great for people that have allergies and wanting a low to no odor, non shedding, highly intelligent pet that is easy to maintain. Our cockapoo puppies temperament is loving, they are very intelligent and alert, yet with a sweet nature, they are famous for being wonderfully affectionate pets. To learn more about the Cockapoo Breed please visit our Cockapoo Information page.

If you are considering buying a puppy from us please visit our Testimonies and Comments page from families that have already purchase a puppy and to see what they have to say about  our cockapoo puppies and the care we give them.

Jared & Bailey an artist is using this picture 
she painted for their marketing cards in Knoxville.

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If you are on our waiting list, please check our web site often
so you can be informed when each litter has arrived.

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No upcoming litters at this time

Check our web site often for new up dates.


Puppies must be picked up when they are ready to go.

Once you pick out your puppy mark your calendar for when the pick

up date is all puppies must be picked up on that date No Exceptions

we will not hold your puppy for any reason.

Sorry, puppies can not be held without a $200.00 Deposit.
Amanda 229-457-4658


Please Note: The moms listed above has been breed,
but sometimes a mom does not get pregnant
it is rare and it does happen occasion.


Our New Up Coming Litter Procedures.

1. If you would like to get on our waiting list before the puppies are born you will need to send a $200.00 non-refundable deposit. Your $200.00 deposit does go toward the price of the puppy. Once the puppies are born and you have picked out your new puppy then you don't owe me anything else until you pick up or meet me then your balance is due in cash when you pick up your precious puppy. We will add your family to our waiting list once we receive your deposit.

2. If you send us a deposit to go on our waiting list and you change your mind or something happens where you can't purchase your new baby or if you find another puppy before our puppies are born you forfeit your deposit, then we use your deposit to re advertise the puppy.

3.  If we have more deposits then puppies your deposit goes toward our next litter.
Sometimes a mom does not get pregnant it is rare and it does happen occasion if you are on her waiting list
it does not mean you get your deposit back you will go to the next litter..
If we have a litter and we don't have the color or sex you was looking for you will go to the next litter.

4. When the puppies arrive I will updated that nursery page so you will know our precious puppies have arrived.

5. When the puppies are 7-9- days old or 2 weeks old when they open their eyes we will post their pictures, then puppy selection starts.
Once you pick out your puppy mark your calendar for when the pick up date is all puppies must be picked up on that date No Exceptions we will not hold your puppy for any reason such as any kind of school outing, vacations and holidays. You know way in advance to make your arrangments when you have to pick up your new baby. So before you pay a deposit be sure you can pick up your puppy when he/she is ready to go.

6. Puppies are selection in order of deposits received. When the pictures are posted the first choice family will have 24 hours to pick out their new baby,then the 2nd choice family and so on down the list as deposits was receive each family will have 24 hours to pick out their new baby. Please be ready to selection your new baby within 24 hours when it is your turn every one is anxious to pick out their puppy. If I can not get a hold of you by phone or if you don't answer my emails when it is your turn to pick out your puppy I will have to go to the next family on our waiting list. If you are on our waiting list please check our web site often so you will know that the puppies have arrived.

7. Once you selection a puppy that puppy is yours you can not switch to another puppy.

8. Puppies are picked out with pictures ONLY. You can visit your puppy when they are 5 weeks old if you have a paid deposit.

9. We update pictures  usually every two weeks that is when the puppies change. Video's are done only if we have time it all depends on how many litters I have at one time.

10. If you have any questions about our up-coming litter procedures please email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call Amanda at 229-457-4658.


When you purchase a Cockapoo from Sherry's Poos your new puppy will come to you with the following:

1. Crate Trained (That means he/she is use to sleeping in a crate at night) The crate does not go with the puppy.
2. Potty Training Started (He/She is not potting trained but have started potty training)
Doggie Door Trained (NEW)
4. Tails Docked and Dew Claws are removed by our veterinarian.
Veterinarian Health Check at 6 weeks of age and their first set of puppy shots.
Medical Records from our veterinarian.
Health Guarantee
8. Our Schedule of Worming and Medical Attention (To take to your vet so he will know what your new puppy has had)
9. Several Toys
10. About a pound of our dry puppy food in a zip lock bag

Puppy Kit of NuVet Plus Vitamins to help start strengthen your new puppy immune system. (New)
Please visit our Helpful Puppy Information page that we have provide you with  if you see any of these signs in your new puppy so you will know what to do.

We do accommodate our customers by meeting you some of the way at No Charge the weekend the puppies are ready to go to their new loving homes.

We are accepting Deposits right now. You may be placed on our waiting with a $200.00 non-refundable deposit when we are expecting a new litter. If you don't want to send us a $200.00 non-refundable deposit to go on our waiting list that will be fine, but for those that sent me a deposit will have first choice. Just kept checking my web site for up dates on our new litters or you can wait until I have the new litter and post the pictures and send in your $200.00 deposit to reserve one of our cockapoo puppies whichever one you want to do will be fine with us. Sorry, puppies can not be held without a deposit. Please email us if you have any questions about our up coming litters.

We accept the following forms of payment:
We do accept Pay Pal (For Deposit Only) however there is a 4% processing fee.
Certified Check
Western Union
Money Gram (Wal-Mart)
Money Order
Cash ONLY when you pick up your puppy.
Absolutely NO personal checks accepted for final payment. 
Your deposit may be sent in any form listed above, but final payment must be in CASH ONLY.


Our Cockapoo puppies are seen by our vet at 3-5 days old for an exam, tails docked and dew claws removed. They are wormed at 3,4 & 6 weeks with wormier from the vet. They are vet health checked at 6 weeks of age and they get their first set of puppy shots. We are vet recommended and you may call our vet if you wish to verify our words or check our reference. Her name is Dr. Ashley Hill, D.V. M. and her number is 229-468-7343.

If you have any questions or concerns visit our Frequently Asked Questions page where many of your questions may be answered. If you can't find the answers to your questions please e-mail us.



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