Tuesday, February 07, 2023
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Hi Sherry!
Falcon is now 8 mos. old & 21 lbs.  He is the cutest teddy bear you have ever seen.  He loves everybody & all other animals.  Enjoys going to the bark park & greeting other guests at our condo.  He has the sweetest disposition & is a bundle of energy!  Just wanted to let you know he is doing great & to share a few photos with you.

Best regards....

Bob & Laury Gelardi
Destin, FL
Falcon's parents were Cookie & Hershey
Falcon was born 7/31/2011
UpDated 4-14-2012

falcon3 photo
falcon2             Falcon with his little puppy dog

Hello Sherry,  We are just checking in.  Falcon is 3 months old today.  He is 10 lbs. healthy and happy and a delightful addition to our family!!!  He is adorable
and lovable and as smart as can be.  He loves children and other dogs does great in our condo.  I've attached a photo and will send an IM with more for you.....
Hope all is well with you and Jimmy.

Bob and Laury Gelardi
Falcon was born July 31, 2011
Parents were Cookie and Hersey
UpDated 11-1-2011


photo1 photo2
photo5 photo4
photo3 Falcon


Hi Grandma Sherry!
Falcon will be 2 the end of July and has brought us so much fun and joy!  I wanted to send you some updated photos so you could see how cute he is.  I know you have gotten customers from Destin as everyone asks us where we got him and we always refer them to you!

He continues to be an energetic & loving puppy who embraces people & animals big & small.  Falcon loves the water and the sand & loves to sit on our balcony & watch everyone on the beach & the boardwalk.  He also loves to play catch with tennis balls!

I hope all is well with you and Jimmy and hope to see some photos of Falcon's litter mates as they grow up.

Bob and Laury Gelardi
Destin, Florida
Falcon was born July 30, 2011
Parents were Cookie and Hershey










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