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Cockapoo Colors

Cockapoo Colors

Cockapoos come in many colors: Sable, Phantom, Roan, Parti color, Buff, Black, Chocolate, Red, Apricot, Cream and White. You can find many variations of shades and mixes of colors. Cockapoos have the potential for a wide range of colors depending on the parents and their backgrounds. We have provide a list of colors and description and have also provide pictures so you can see what each color looks like.

Sable Cockapoo : The base coat is dark chocolate, black or red with tipping and shading in black or another color.
Phantom Cockapoo : Black or brown with markings in white, silver, tan, red or brown; the markings are spots over eyes, on the sides of the cheeks, symmetrical spots on chest, under tail, inside ears and on lower legs.
Roan Cockapoo : A white base coat with many freckles and spots (rather than patches) to the point where the white is barely seen.
Parti Color Cockapoo : Any coat color showing in patches on white. Developing spots,freckles, on muzzle and legs. Ears are usually colored.
Buff Cockapoo : Is the most popular and most common color. Buff is referred to these colors Light cream, honey, Champagne, golden, tan, beige, auburn and any shade of tan.
Black Cockapoo : Solid Black
Black and White Cockapoo : Black with white markings on face, chest, tummy or paws.
Chocolate Cockapoo : Can vary from light to dark brown like a Hershey bar.
Red Cockapoo : Red tint to a full deep Irish setter red rust tone.
Apricot Cockapoo : Is similar to cream but the highlights will have definite reddish cast.
Red and Apricot: Cocker Spaniels are referred to as reds and Poodles are referred to as Apricot.
Cream Cockapoo : Is basically a light color close to white but with cream highlights on ears and back.
White Cockapoo : Is White

Pictures of Cockapoo Colors







Chocolate Sable


Parti Color



Black & White



Chocolate & White





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