Friday, April 12, 2024
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Our Happy Families

 Mr.Clapp with his new puppy Challenge

 Mr.Clapp with his new puppy Challenge

This is Claire holding her new cockapoo puppy Penny.

This is Kelly holding her new cockapoo puppy Costa.

Here are two sisters Kelly holding Costa
and Claire holding Penny

This is Paige with Buddy

Mr & Ms Leigh with their new puppy Biscuit

This is the Adams Family
with their new puppy

This is Debbie picking Up
Challenge for her dad

This is Ashley holding Darcy

Makenzie and Addison

Bethany and Auggie

Makenzie with new puppy "Addison"

Makenzie grandma holding Addison.

Makenzie with her mom Alexandra.
Makenzie puppy name is "Addison"
Addison now live in Danville, Virginia.

Bethany puppy name is "Auggie".
Auggie now lives in Birmingham, Alabama.

Bethany and her dad Bryan.

Amanda with her new puppy "Indiana"
Indiana now lives in Anniston, Alabama.

The Hughes Family lives in Montgomery, Alabama

The Hughes Family

Taz lives with the Watson Family in Lawrenceville, Georgia

Watson Family

Mejorda Family has purchase 4 puppies from me for their children.
Brisa now lives with Felix & Lola

Brisa Lives in Cumming, Georgia

Mejorda Family

Culter Family Lives in Chattanooga, Tennessee

The Culter Family

Sadie is now Living in Greenville, South Carolina with Christine Goforth

Christine Goforth with Sadie

Our happy families with their puppy.

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