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Cockapoo Moms

Meet our Cockapoo Moms who produce our beautiful Cockapoo Puppies. They are all healthy, happy and have great temperaments. We are very proud of our mom's. All of our adult dogs undergo yearly health check ups by our vet and are up to date on all their vaccines,heart guard preventative and worming. Our puppies come from parents who have no history of hereditary disease or abnormal confirmation. Vet care is always given at any cost. We work closely with our veterinarian to insure that our adult dogs are in excellent health to the best of our knowledge. We believe that it is our responsibility to kept our adult dogs healthy so we can provide you with a healthy puppy and we do whatever it takes to assure that happens.

It is important that you feel very comfortable with us as a breeder and the way we treat our Mons, Dads and Puppies . The way your puppy is treated before you take him or her home is very important. You can be assured that your new puppy will come to you feeling like a loved, cared for member of the family. Your new loving home will just be an extension of what they have know since they were born.  The best way to learn about us and what kind of  breeder we are is to see what people who have gotten a puppy from us have to say.  Go look at our Testimonial page to learn more.

If you would like to talk to our vet about the care we give our adult dogs and our puppies please give our vet a call. Her name is  Dr. Ashley Hill, D.V. M. at the Irwin Animal Clinic here is her number 229-468-7343

Our adult Cocker Spaniels Moms are AKC (American Kennel Club) and or CKC (Continental Kennel Club) registered. Our Cockapoo Moms are CKC registered.

We thank you for visiting us at Sherry's Cockapoos. We hope you will enjoy our web site and all the information that we have provide on Cockapoos. Feel free to inquire about the puppies and our adult dogs or if you have any questions please feel free to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it us or call Amanda at 229-457-4658.


Marley is a white/Black parti  cockapoo
Marley weighs 14 lbs.

Marley is sweet and very loving.
Marley weighs 14 lbs.


Muffin is a buff color
She weighs 18 lbs


Muffin loves to follow you whereever you go and she loves to be held.
Muffin has a sweet temperament.
She is CKC registered.


Ruby is a beautiful red cockapoo.


Ruby is precious she has a great temperament.
She is CKC registered.
Ruby weighs 18 lbs



Candie is a Buff Cockapoo
Candie weighs 15 lbs
Candie is sweet as she can be. Very Loving and has a great temperament
She is CKC registered.

Lizzy is a beautiful buff Cockapoo. 
Lizzy weighs 28 lbs.

Lizzy is sweet as she can be. Very Loving and has a great temperament.

Gracie is a beautiful buff  cockerpool. 
Gracie weighs 21 lbs.

Gracie is very sweet an has a great temperament.
She is CKC registered.

Lucille is a beautiful buff  cockapoo. 
Lucille weighs 19 lbs.

Lucille is very sweet an loving she has a great temperament. 
She  CKC registered.

In Loving Memory "Baby"
We Love You and miss you Baby

In Loving Memory "Baby"
2-2-2000 - 10-27-2012


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