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Our Vet Report's

Our Vet Report's


These are some of our vet reports that we get back from our customer's when they purchase a puppy from us and take them to their vet to be sure that they are healthy like we say they are. WE REQUIRE ALL PUPPIES TO BE VET HEALTH CHECKED WITHIN 2 DAYS (EXCLUDING WEEKENDS) OF PLACEMENT INTO THEIR NEW LOVING HOMES.
Some families do call me with their vet report, but I do like an email when they take their puppy to their vet for a health check up.
I don't hear back from all the families so I guess no news is good news.

We work closely with our new vet Ashley and her staff to insure that all puppies are in excellent health to the best of our knowledge. We use the same medicate that our vet using's. All of our puppies are seen by our vet at 6 weeks of age to get health check and their first set of shots. Our customer's always get a health report from us showings where our puppies have been to our vet for a health check up.

Below you can read some of our emails that we have received from some of our customer's.



Sorry to respond so late.  We took Daisy to the vet on Monday and she had a great visit.  She weighed right at 3 lbs, and they went ahead and started her on Heartguard and K9 Advantix.  She has been above expectations, and everyone thinks she is adorable, and have offered to take her off our hands!  She has done well with potty except for all the rain.  She did not have any seperation anxiety and adjusted to our family the first day.  She is eating well and seems truly happy.  Thanks for everything as she has made a great addition to our family.

Sadie & Jo Jo Litter
From: Lawrenceville, Georgia

Hey Sherry, sorry I haven't got back with you before now. Little Miss Ellie is doing great! I did carry her to the vet Monday and of course the vet said she looked great! She has adjusted very well. She is doing really well with the crate/house training. My kids absolutely love her and she loves them. I do have one question where do you find the fresh scent shampoo? I looked at pet smart but could not find it. I have bought her another kind but I really liked the way the fresh scent smells.
Deanna Brown
Sadie & Jo Jo Litter
From: Eva, Alabama
Frosty got an A+ report as we knew she would! She is doing really well. She loves playing with Cookie. Cookie is adjusting Frosty is doing so good with pottying outside. Very few accidents. Will send pix later as she gets bigger. Thanks! Christa and Ron
Sadie & Jo Jo Litter
From: Macon, Georgia
Hi Sherry,
I am sorry I did not send you an email yesterday but our power was out and I don't do email on the phone.  Our puppy did see the vet yesterday but wasn't able to get the vaccines yet.  She said 10 more days.  They checked for worms and flees and everything is negative.  So we will be taking her back in a couple of weeks for her shots or 9 days now. 
The kids named her Lilo!  She is happy and seems comfortable.  She does like to bite and chew on anyone and anything which I guess is normal for this age.  She did bark the other day and scared herself.
Thanks so much for everything!!!
Kristen Wangerien
Sadie & JoJo Litter
From: Ringgold,Georgia
Hi Sherry!
Kona (light sable) is doing great! He's very friendly and a surprisingly good listener!
My only question is about feeding.  What quantity were you feeding him, and how many times a day?  My vet told me to ask you for consistency.
Thank you!
Brooke Ferguson
Sadie & JoJo Litter
From:Marietta, Georgia

Chewy went to the vet this morning. He is happy and healthy will keep you up to date on his progress.

Sadie & JoJo Litter
From:Morrisville, North Carolina

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