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Male vs Female

Male vs Female

We are asked often the difference between a male and a female. We think either one makes a great family pet. Some people think a female is better than a male that is not true males are just as wonderful as females are,they are both very loving, loyal and smart. I have listed below a few differences between the male and female.


1. Males are usually more affectionate and love attention.
2. Males do get a little bigger than females.
3. Males stay more puppy like longer than females.
4. Males are eager to please, love to play, and their temperament is clam, and lay back as an adult.
5. We do recommend getting your male neutered early before 6 months of age because they usually don't every raise their leg to pea.
Contact your vet for more information on getting your puppy neutered.
6. Males do get along with other males, females, children and cats.
7. Males are easy to house train if you will be consistent in training him.



1. Females are very affective and love attention. We do have some females that will let you hold and love them I think about all day.
2. Females do get along with other females, males, children and cats.
3. Females are more independent than males.
4. A Female loves people.
5. Females will hump it has nothing to do with sex or breeding it a sign of dominance.
6. Females do tend to get very spoiled, more than a male.
7. We do recommend getting your female spayed early before 6 months of age. Contact your vet for more information on getting your puppy spayed.
8. Females do matured faster than males.


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