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Care and Training

Care and Training For Your Cockapoo Puppy:

Care and Training for your new Cockapoo Puppy is very important.  We know you want to do all the right things and you need the information that will help you do just that.

We have provided as much information as we possibly can to help you do just that on our Puppy Care page. We have also compiled a list of articles and information found on other websites that have great resources for puppy and cockapoo care.  We recommend that you bookmark these pages and fully explore these sites for great information.

If you have questions that you cannot find the answers to, please email us or call Amanda at
229-457-4658 we are always here to help you.

Links to other sites with great reference information:
Puppy Stages
Basic Health Care
Crate Training
House Training
Behavior Basics
Puppy Chewing
Care Basics
Your New Puppy
Cockapoo Information

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1 Our Vet Report's
2 Male vs Female
3 Our Vet
4 Puppy Care

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